Procès verbal de la réunion du 4 mars 2022


  • Matthieu
  • David
  • Jonas
  • Antoine
  • Lucas L. C.
  • Robin
  • Pierre
  • Uta, the Négoce puppy

Git talk debrief

  • Jonas: well done, people got involved during workshop time
  • Antoine asks to check w/ SAVE for the CM 1 106 beamer working condition. HDMI does not work, VGA is a workaround though.
  • Antoine: a poster must hang in the room during the talk to advertise the following talks. A TV poster must be printed for each talk to hang on the doors.
  • Matthieu: for the semester spam mail: check if the outlook webclient allows from-field renaming.

ENAC talk proposal

To be included in the email:

  • We cannot provide lawyer advice. BUT we are very interested.
  • To ask: do they want to advertise floss licenses or make a summary of license compatibilities or know what license they can use for ML datasets?
  • When they want it?
  • Which format exactly?

Café-discussion w/ UniPoly

Still very interested but postponed: must be prepared during next holidays.

Events status


  • Antoine: shell talk proposition
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