Procès verbal de la réunion du 17 décembre 2021


  • Lucas Crijns, nouveau membre
  • Elias Myers, membre en devenir
  • Jonas Sulzer
  • Matthieu De Beule
  • Antoine Fontaine
  • David Dervishi
  • Damien Dervishi
  • Haley Owsianko
  • Raffaele Ancarola
  • Pierre Guillod

New install fest format

  • Everyone agrees on the new install fest format.
  • Talk about EPFL's clusters ? Bad idea…
  • git presentations: use teasing to keep people coming
  • Add the Free/Libre Trojan horse in each talk (git, …)
  • First week (21/2 and on): propaganda week
  • Second week (1/3, 5pm): git talk (see below ↓)
  • Third week (8/3, 5pm): Free software + GNU/Linux talk
  • Fourth week ( ??? ): Install Fest

git talks

  • First organized by Antoine (for the new install fest)
  • Second organized by Lucas
  • Third organized by Antoine

Other talks ideas

  • Raffaele: music production in Linux: set up Jack interface, VST plugins, embed Windows plugins, need to see in which event to put it.

New events e.g. "Les Lundis du Libre"

  • Need a responsible for each event

UniPoly's café-discussion

  • Antoine + Pierre: Meeting w/ Naël on Tuesday, Wednesday or online or after the exam session

Committee members

  • Need for a Head of Logistics
    • As event coordinator
    • In charge of the event's technical elements.
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