Procès verbal de la réunion du 3 décembre 2021


  • Jonas Sulzer
  • Antoine Fontaine
  • David Dervishi
  • Pierre Guillod
  • Nicolas König
  • Matthieu De Beule

Geekerie results

  • prople for the git introduction (→ use that to introduce people) but left for advanced git → maybe group introductory talks together so people don't leave
  • communication rushed, late decisions
  • prepare everything in advance (e.g. before the start of the semester) next time: have prewritten emails ready to be sent, poster designs ready, …
  • mailing list issues
  • we probably don't need network ports for the geekerie (maybe not for the install fest either: tethering → remove from the wiki)
  • introduction to git: try harder not to scare people (also, maybe tell them to bring a computer)

Renaming/modifying events

Summary of last informal meeting

  • ETH: “Linux Days” over a couple of weeks: first regular introductory talks, also some advanced ones, then eventually installation days once people are convinced
  • Geekerie: a little long, maybe split it across several days (e.g. accessible and advanced talks?) so people don't get tired

New events

Summary of last informal meeting

  • Regular recurring events, evenings
  • lightning talks, git introductions, git introductions then lightning talks, more involved talks+discussions
  • once a month for next semester, we'll see if it works
  • no food, because of covid


  • we have to precisely define the comitee members' jobs (comitee meeting on thursday 2pm)
  • maybe create new jobs (e.g. responsible for lightning talks, logistics, something)

Plans for the next semester

  • week #1: go see courses and make propaganda
  • ETH-like linux days from week #2 to like #4:
    • week #2: first recurring event: introduction to linux, free software, examples of free software, …
    • week #3: introduction to git
    • week #4: install fest
    • maybe two install fests? or maybe this one earlier?
  • talks at 5pm (Tuesdays after SHS so first year students are free)
  • possibly replace the geekerie with advanced talks in recurring event


  • ask for money from agepoly (e.g. organizing events, inviting people (and giving them gifts if they come), merch/sweaters, …) → Matthieu talks with Cédric
  • ask artepoly to be in their calendar whenever we have an event
  • maybe try to get out of the cave we're in? probably won't work, but who knows
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