Assemblée des GNUs Mercredi 29 septembre 2021


  • Antoine Fontaine
  • Jonas Sulzer
  • Matthieu De Beule
  • Nicolas König
  • Lucas Cendes
  • Pierre Guillod
  • David Dervishi
  • Cédric Hölzl

Discharging the current committee


Electing a new commitee


  • David is proposing for sysadmin and vice president ⇒ probably vp
  • No candidates for presidency
  • Cedric for treasury
  • Pierre is candidate Respo comm
  • Jonas as sysadmin


  • Unanimous except Matthieu: Matthieu reelected as president
  • Unanimous: David elected as VP
  • Unanimous: Antoine and Jonas as sysadmins
  • Unanimous: Pierre as respo comm
  • Unanimous: Cédric as treasurer


Install fest

october 10

put posters up (saturday 2nd) → Nicolas, Antoine and David are proposing


Volunteers for the event: David, Jonas



  • system programming: malloc → Nicolas

Other talks

  • introduction GIT: Antoine & David
  • something else?

Budgeting this year

We can maybe finally do sweaters/t-shirts/stickers/etc? Maybe that would warrant an Agepoly subvention?

Antoine doesn't think we need any hardware soon

Ideas and misc

People wanting to install Linux could be reassured by the fact that there are virtual machine at EPFL (

We could have {all things programming} teachers interested in advertizing a git course.

Name and praise teachers that use FOSS/no proprietary stuff? (or the other way around? shame teachers that do use proprietary stuff? meh)

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