Procès verbal de la réunion du 11 Novembre 2020

The reunion talks about organizing a video game afternoon/evening/night.

Date and Time

The event will happen Sunday the 29th from 9am to the middle of the afternoon.

Which games?


  • we have a two packages for that already, one with lots of mods, another more vanilla
  • start a new world? probably not if no one asks for it
    • with the current setup, starting a new world means starting a new server and opening a new port on our firewall, so let's not do that


  • version number discrepancy → let's use the latest version?
  • we can add bots, they are fair
  • turn by turn, so that's a turnoff
  • it's actually a game you can play reasonably well if you're not used to it


  • 3D
  • reasonable to host
  • we can add bots
  • ~half an hour for a game


  • easy to get started according to Matthieu
  • we have a server already
  • nobody already knows how to play, though


Advertisement will only take place in EPFL context. We will have 3/4 servers and let people choose, people will be redirected to mumble and we will coordinate there.

We should make a link to a webpage listing current game that reloads automatically (for people having trouble to join mumble)

Work to do

1. Servers

There are 4 games, so 4 servers. Set them up, and test they work. Also, get to understand admin stuff

Have servers ready by the 22nd:

  • minetest and teeworlds are done, we just need to check and testdrive them
  • unvanquished, wesnoth need to be configured

(update, nov 13th: the wesnoth server has been setup)

2. Email/presentation website

  • Send an email with the announcements (graphics?), mention the 4 games in the mail / 4 games with artwork for them, if possible
  • We can make a text version that points to the webpage
  • Take inspiration from the regular mail: also mention who we are and what we do
  • Information about our adaptation to Covid can be provided (about events or contact)
  • Don't make the mail too long!

Have the mail sent the 18th at 5-7pm.

3. Fix the contact page on the website

4. Make the mumble wiki page publicly accessible

5. Add it on

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