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8th of May 2018

Start Time



  • Martin “Tinu” Weber
  • Ryker Ben Ali
  • Luigi “L” Martinesi
  • Florian “Flor” Vessaz
  • Roosembert “Roos” Palacios
  • Alex Dorsch

Install Fest

Ryker suggests a flowchart to help beginners choose what distro, among others, they should use

Tinu argues that any distro can do anything

Maybe the flowchart would serves to choose what software, but most people are comfortable with what they already use

Send more info on what we'll be doing - Intro to Linux & solving issues

Promote Geekerie in the same email

Next Install Fest/Geekerie

Install Fest date: 2nd Saturday of semester - 2018-09-29

Geekerie date: put a poll after the exams & decide on details the last week of holidays


Ryker suggests filming them and sharing them online

Roos says that people would not ask questions

MOOCs exist and people post comments with questions

Possible Workshops

  1. Alex wants to do Linux for Dummies - this creates possible collision with the Install Fest contentwise
  2. Tinu wants to do Workflow Management on Linux
  3. Introduction to Qutebrowser
  4. BTRFS
  5. GPG
  6. Continuous Integration
  7. Meson/Ninja again

Responsable Communication

Roos suggests Ryker as our Respcomm

Ryker says no

Tinu and Flor express that if we show that we've got projects more people would join us

We don't know who should be our Respcomm

Time End


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