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PV du 24 avril 2018

  • Start: 18:15
  • End: 18:47

Liste de Présences

  • Adrien Ruault (socialgoodepfl)
  • Gilles Wicki
  • Guillaume Mollard (socialgoodepfl)
  • Martin “Tinu” Weber
  • Roosembert Palacios
  • Ulysse Widmer


* Association focused on providing a platform for engineering projects created/written by EPFL students, asking if GNU could host their website.

* Want to keep the project around even after they leave the EPFL → asking if they can incorporate it into GNU.

Tinu: “We don't do projects as an association, and we can't give any guarantee whatsoever. Hosting should be fine, though”

* They agree to host it at the GNU for the moment, and the present people univocally (3-0) vote “yes”.

Install Fest

Roos has not sent the spam mail to the right address, so he needs to send it a second time.

PV rédigé par

* Tinu Weber

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