Minutes of March 27th 2018

The meeting started at 18h16.

Hébergement service de chat pour l'EPFL Rocket Team

L'EPFL Rocket Team nous a demandé si on peut mettre à disposition une instance de mattermost pour eux hébergé par la GNU. Jules Triomphe, leur président, came to the meeting. Joachim and Timothée explained to Jules that features like LDAP integration are paid features. Instead, they plan to wire the existing matrix (synapse) server to the EPFL LDAP in order to have a chat system for associations.

Install Fest

  1. Pass in front of the class to present the install fest: Gitlab Issue

Timothée and Joachim can come if necessary.

  1. Date du mail spam Gitlab Issue

After holidays.

  1. Check Network. Joachim sent an email already, but he has not yet received an answer.

e-voting @ epfl // Cothority // Linus Gasser

Hi there,

I’m Linus Gasser, an engineer at https://dedis.epfl.ch and currently working on an e-voting project. It’s goal is to replace the current voting system based on Inform. It is based on a permissioned blockchain developed by DEDIS, which means that we will define the nodes that participate in the election. We would like to use our system for the next elections in May and am looking for parties inside EPFL to run such nodes.

A node needs to run on a server with 1GB of RAM and 10GB of hard disk space. A short description how to run such a node is here:


We voted and accepted by unanimity to instanciate a node of the project in our infrastructure.

AG Agepoly 9 Mai 2018

  1. Créer une page dans le wiki de ce qu'on fait, comment, … Gitlab Issue

Timothée will update the wiki.


  • Joachim Desroches
  • Timothée Floure
  • Roosembert Palacios
  • Gilles Wicki
  • Jules Triomphe – Président, EPFL Rocket Team

The meeting ended at 18h50.

Minutes written by Roosembert Palacios

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