Minutes of meeting on 6th of March 2018

The meeting started at 18:15.

Install fest

The Install Fest will take place on Saturday 28th of April 2018. Roosembert will try to reserve the same room as last time.

Florian suggested to automatically create a script to automatically create a miltestone and issues on GitLab for organizing the install fest. Roosembert volunteered.

Workshop ideas

Earlier during the day Alex proposed that we organize a workshop about self hosting services and having VPN access to home. We'll start by creating a project on GitLab to organize this.


  • Léonard Berney
  • Martin Weber
  • Roosembert Palacios
  • Gilles Wicky
  • Florian Vessaz

The meeting ended at 18:40.

Minutes written by Florian Vessaz 2018-03-06 19:00

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