Protocol for 27th February 2018


  • Start: 19:20
  • End: 19:53

Presence List

  • Luigi Martinesi
  • Samuel Dietz
  • Joachim Desroches
  • Martin “Tinu” Weber
  • Roosembert (Roosemberth) “Roos” Palacios
  • Ulysse Widmer

Install Fest

Everyone votes for “yes we want an install fest” We proceed to discuss what we want at the install fest

Jo suggests we have presentations at the 2nd install fest, Ulysse suggests a Geekerie. Those two are almost the same thing. So, we decide on having a Geekerie in the stead of the 2nd install fest, where we only do talks and presentations - no installing or helping with problems; that way no-one who needs to fix their problems misses out on presentations. The Geekerie is aimed at people who know more-or-less what they're doing.

We proceed to discuss what dates - definitely after Easter. Roos suggests the 14th or the 21st - both Saturdays, to which he will create a poll. The poll is available here (BqgG3dA6).

Then, we discuss who should go to each class and make announcements; Jo and Roos seem to be good contenders. Martin is also the TA for Systems Programming, so he will be in charge for their announcement.

Finally, a room needs to be reserved. Once I learn how to do it I will try to reserve one.

Membership Renewal

Seeing as there are a number of members whose membership will expire soon and we have a new tresurer, we discuss with Samuel and go over how to renew memberships, how to verify if they need to pay or get renewed, and how to remind them of their membership expiration.

Weekly meetings

Martin proposed to have the weekly meetings one hour earlier, which we voted and approved by unanimity.

Protocol taken by

  • Luigi Martinesi
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