Protocol for november 2, 2017


  • Start: 18:15
  • End: ??? (gradually)

Presence List

  • Alexander “Alex” Dorsch
  • Aras Ergus
  • Guoguo Yu
  • Joachim Desroches
  • Krzysztof “Kris” Lis
  • Martin “Tinu” Weber
  • Roosemberth “Roos” Palacios
  • Tim Tuuva
  • Timothée Bronner
  • Ulysse Widmer

Committee change

As announced on the mailing list, Luc Girod has been assigned the position of treasurer and takes over the duties of absent Laurence Duré (who remains treasurer until the next General Assembly).


There were questions (+ explanations) about what the intended workshops are, which lead to questions specific to: “How do we convince people (and professors) using MATLAB to switch to python+numpy?”.

Tim proposed to solve the exercises of his “Numerical Analysis” course in python as well and present the results to the professor of the course, but we came to the conclusion that the effort would not be worth it if we don't know whether the professor would even accept switching away from MATLAB (we suspect that they are bound by contract to use and teach MATLAB).

Nevertheless, this would be an activity worth following (especially since it's our core mission to move people away from proprietary software).

What is the GNU?

The evening of the 1st of november, the GNU committee was contacted by another association about a potential “IT project collaboration”. The mail contained no specific information, and none of the members knew any details about the matter, so we were all left a bit puzzled.

Nevertheless, it has sparked a discussion about a topic previously not discussed at a large scale: What is the role of the GNU Generation in the AGEPoly/student association ecosystem?

There appeared to be a consensus that there is some discrepancy between the way the GNU is perceived by the outside (IT services/hosting provider, Linux end-user support helpdesk, …) and what the core mission of the GNU are (promotion of Free Software on the campus, platform for FOSS-enthusiasts for meeting people and exchange knowlege).

Suggestions to answer this question and approaches to handle it were very varied. To avoid argumentation bias in this protocol (and to involve all members), Joachim suggested to discuss this on the mailing list.

Protocol taken by

  • Tinu Weber
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