Protocol for october 26, 2017

  • Start: 18:10
  • End: 19:00

Presence List

  • Alexander “Alex” Dorsch
  • Aras Ergus
  • Audrey Atherton
  • Benoit “Skin” Juif
  • Luc Girod
  • Luigi Martinesi
  • Martin “Tinu” Weber
  • Timothée Floure

Install Fest II


Repair Café

The Unipoly organises a “Repair Café”, an event where people can come and have their broken stuff fixed. The GNU was asked to be present there as well (so they have some free software enthusiasts/computer engineers on board - they appear to be mostly electrical engineers). As we are not really an association that acts as a single entitiy in most cases, members are invited to check for themselves.

There will be a mail soon about a specific date - the committee will forward it to the members, so they can decide individually.

White/Black Board

In order to facilitate collaborative working (or simply supporting thought processes), people have expressed their wish for a black/white board. The only location suited for that would be the wall that is currently above the fridge, next to the door, plastered will all kinds of useless stuff.

  • Pro White: washing
  • Pro Black: “permanent-marker-idiot”

5/7 in favour of getting a board. Luigi will check what the prices are, so that we can get a more precise idea.


Doubts about the proposed format have been raised. Discussion about what kind of topics (Alex claimed that it would be nice to have more entry-level workshops, because right now we're missing the level between “Install Fest” and “Geekerie”)

  • Proposal: People should also suggest things they want to hear. Tinu will send a mail to the ML clarifying this.

Committee Change

Luc was OK to act as a treasurer until the beginning of the next GNU AG. Tinu will try to get the necessary documents from Laurence (currently treasurer de jure), and also check the requirements to replace a committee member. According to Skin, the president has the right to elect a treasurer, but we also need to check the GNU “chartes” (as we are a bit more strict there).

Protocol taken by

Tinu Weber

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