Protocol for october 19, 2017

  • Start: 18:15
  • End: 18:40

Presence List

  • Aras Ergus
  • Ariane “Ryker” Ben Ali
  • Benoit “Skin” Juif
  • Joachim Desroches
  • Krzysztof “Kris” Lis
  • Martin “Tinu” Weber
  • Tim Tuuva
  • Timothée Floure


  • It's this sunday!
  • Failed to talk to the first year IC section because it appears that Jamila Sam forgot us (students were already all rushing out of the auditorium).
  • Kris described a bit the Linux Install events at the ETHZ: they're quite a bit more large-scale, and they combine Installing and Workshops. Given the available workforce in the GNU Generation, this is unfortunately out of scope (combining Install Fest and Workshops has proven not to work in the past).
  • People who want to give a talk/workshop are encouraged to propose a few dates, there'll be a poll, and then we'll get going! Tinu will send a mail to the ML with more infos.


  • The daughter of the “Le Négoce” owner came to ask for help for her (presumably Windows) PC having a virus. Although it's not really our area of work, we will still try to look into it. Please don't send her away.
  • The AG happened. Timothée has not encountered any problem with the readers.

Protocol taken by

Tinu Weber

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