Protocol for october 12, 2017

  • Start: 18:15
  • End: 18:35

Presence List

  • Aras Ergus
  • Benoit Juif
  • Joachim Desroches
  • Martin “Tinu” Weber
  • Roosemberth Palacios
  • Ulysse Widmer

Install Fest

We have agreed on a poster, and Timothée will organise their distribution on the EPFL campus on the weekend.

The room has finally been confirmed: CM 1 100

Tinu will send a mail to Professors Jamila Sam and Ronan Boulic so we can do a small event announcement in front of their classes (Thursday and Friday morning, respectively)

Tinu will also see for publishing the Memento and KIS.


Challenge decided that they would not require our service for this event.


The idea proposed by Timothée was to do small-scale workshops directly in the GNU club room, mainly targetted at our members (but of course, external people are invited as well). This may be suited for the beginning, and if things go well, word-of-mouth recommendation should do the rest (and we can then start to look for larger venues). This minimises the amount of required organisation.

Tinu will ask Florian if he would be willing to repeat his git-annex presentation at one point.


The donation cannot be done yet because so far we have not received any response by our treasurer.

Protocol taken by

Tinu Weber

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