PV du 28 septembre 2017

  • Start: 18:15
  • End: 19:10

Presence List

  • Ariane “Ryker” Ben Ali
  • Aras Ergus
  • Joachim Desroches
  • Guoguo Yu
  • Luc Girod
  • Luigi Martines
  • Martin “Tinu” Weber
  • Roosemberth “Roos” Palacios
  • Timothée Floure
  • Ulysse Widmer

Install Fest


The next one in is about a month and we need posters: who's going to do it? Please note that we can't mess with the EPFL logo (like ASCII art).

Everyone's complaining but no-one want to do it. Tinu proposes to make a draft and show it at the next meeting.


AGEPoly are about to revamp the way their IT is organised. As a commission, we don't have the capacity to take on additional work, but if individual people are interested, feel free to ask them.


This should be trivia, but just in case people forget it: Although the GNU is capable of standing on their own feet (infrastructure- and organisation-wise), and we generally don't interact with the AGEPoly very often, we still have an interest in keeping them healthy, as we are a part of them, and they do all the administrative and financial legwork for us.

Behaviour of members

GNU Generation members are asked to treat external people with respect. The majority of our members do so, but the few people who don't may still have a big impact on the way we are perceived by the outside.

Our members are asked to refrain from making dismissive comments or performing actions that might negatively affect the public perception of the GNU Generation, especially with regards to relations with other entities (e.g. other commissions or the AGEPoly).

Of course, if people pass by at the local expecting to find an generic IT help desk for their mundane problems, we are still free to tell them (politely) to go RTFM (especially if their problems are not FOSS-related at all).



Roosemberth: How about organising conferences/workshops?

  • Interested people should meet to decide what/when/who
  • Interested: Tinu, Roos, Timothée, Luigi, Ariane
    • Please come back next week with a clear concept.
    • Create a poll, send it to the ML (→ Tinu)

Club Room

Some members feel that the room is too small. But we currently haven't got any specific issues aside of “it feels a little small”, and asking for a larger room would not lead anywhere (more likely be contraproductive to our relation with the EPFL administration). Until there are concrete issues with the given space, we will not organise a larger club room.

Nevertheless, for the weekly meet-ups (and more importantly for the AG in February), it may be worth trying to use the larger “salle des commissions” next to the GNU local (→ Tinu).

Protocol taken by

Timothée Floure (and Tinu Weber)

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